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Calculate your eBay Paypal fees and profit for selling your products on eBay.
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Updated: 05 Jan 2019
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Feescalc eBay Fee Calculator

Are you tired of shuffling through eBay pages to understand the calculation of the amount your received? Does it irritate you to know that every time you receive an amount differs from what you expected? If these questions are bothering you, why not leave the thinking to FeesCalc eBay fee calculator and check your profits and fee without any worries.

This eBay profit calculator tool is designed to take away the tension from sellers while giving them the flexibility to work on more important tasks. We, at Feescalc aim at delivering the fastest calculation without much involvement of sellers into what’s happening within eBay. All you need to do is put in the values inside the boxes and check the figures right away.

Instead of juggling between sales and profit calculation, Feescalc helps you concentrate on sales and do the calculation for you.

Working with eBay Fee Calculator

As Feescalc intend to make sellers work easier, this eBay fees calculator requires very few inputs from the sellers. Once these inputs are populated, the results are shown right away. Think of doing all this with calculator and you will feel the difference and the ease this eBay calculator provides.

The calculation is based on the below parameters:

  • Sold Price: This is the selling price of your item. It does not include the shipping cost.
  • Shipping Charges: This is the shipping and handling charges levied to the buyer for the item sold. This can be left black in case you aren’t charging any shipping cost from your buyer.
  • Shipping Cost: This is the shipping and handling cost you paid for sending the item to the buyer.
  • Item Cost: This is the price you paid to buy the item.
  • eBay Store: Are you an eBay store subscriber or not? If yes, this will make a difference in the final profit.
  • Top Rated Seller: Based on the performance metrics set by eBay, if a seller becomes the top rated seller, eBay provides certain discounts on the final fee.
  • Item Category: The fee differs as per the item category. So, including the item category while using the eBay fee calculator is a must.
  • International Sale: This will help determine the PayPal charges. If you are selling internationally, PayPal charges will come into play.

Feescalc calculator designed to calculate the eBay fees and profits is highly secure and safe to use. We ensure that you receive the correct information from the tool at all times. For the same reasons, we keep updating our tool regularly whenever there is any change in the fee or fee deduction strategies of eBay.

Feescalc eBay fee calculator uses updated information from eBay portal to calculate the profits and fees. Hence, assisting its users to find out any charges that they have been unaware of by now. The entire tool aims at making calculations fast and accessible to all. You do not require any knowledge from outside your product information to use this tool.

With eBay fee calculator, you are always one hand ahead of your competitors in finding out ways to maximize your profit and lower your risks.