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Calculate your eBay Paypal fees and profit for selling your products on eBay USA.
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Updated: 05 Jan 2019
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eBay Fee Calculator USA

Feescalc’s eBay fee calculator for USA considers all the terms applied to the sellers from the USA while calculating the final profit received on the orders. Only by entering few important fields and selecting some options, you get to know the exact profit you made. Isn’t that a lot easier than navigating through all the links and terms on eBay and finally getting nothing out of it.

Calculating profits on eBay orders can be daunting. You not only have to consider the cost of the item and the price you sold it for. eBay has certain standards for charging fee. From the listing charge to the percentage of charge on every order differs all the time. Not just that, the quality standard of sellers and if they own a store or not also makes a huge difference.

And, taking all these into attention while tapping on the calculator would get you all stuck up. However, our eBay and PayPal fee calculator does all that in moments. Even the fee that PayPal charges is efficiently calculated by this eBay paypal fee calculator. So, you exactly know what profit you earned deducting the fee charged by eBay as well as PayPal.

eBay paypal calculator brings all this at the tip of your finger. Either you are aware of the fees and charges or not, this calculator does not require any input that is beyond your knowledge.

What to consider for eBay Fee Calculator USA?

Based in America gives you a lot of opportunities to provide great services to your customers, and eBay likes those who take care of their customers well. Based on seller’s performance, eBay has categorized its sellers and the concession applied. Feescalc eBay fee calculator take into considerations all the constraints before deriving the final profit.

eBay has its own distinguishing criteria which separate the way fee is calculated for its different sellers. Not just the performance, but there are many other factors that affect the way fees is calculated for a specific order.

The final fee calculation of eBay is based on following factors:

  • Item’s price: This is the selling price of the item on eBay platform.
  • Format of Selling: There are two formats for selling: Auction style listing format and fixed price listing format.

  • Category: Category defines the item category. For example, apparel, books, DvDs etc.
  • Seller Performance: Based on the history of the seller’s performance which depends on the customer satisfaction, number of sales made, amount of sale made and other constraints, eBay has defined three categories for seller: Top-rated seller, Above standard seller and Below Standard seller.

Apart from the above factors, eBay fee also depends on the optional listing upgrades such as for 'promoted listing'.

PayPal charges are also calculated as per the standard fee for the USA.

Ultimately, you get the profit you earned from the orders through eBay. Feescalc’s eBay fee calculator will handle all the tough job from backend while relieving you from the burden of eBay fee calculation.