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Calculate your eBay Paypal fees and profit for selling your products on eBay UK.
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Updated: 28 Apr 2019
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eBay Fee Calculator UK

Sellers usually feel difficulty in understanding the way fee calculations work with eBay. This is because there are many constraints that are put to play when calculating the fee and final profit. These constraints keep changing as well. eBay fee calculator by Feescalc helps you avoid all those challenges. You can directly check the profits and fee with Feescalc eBay calculator by entering few details of your item like price, shipping cost etc.

While most of the constraints remain same to calculate the eBay fee, the charges and the currency use differ as per the country and region. And, it is no different for the UK as well. eBay sellers are supposed to pay various fees and charges depending on the item and its categories. Isn’t that troublesome to remember everything (from item cost to the listing fee) while calculating the profit? It sure is. Thankfully, our tool is designed to ensure that you have no problems in finding the actual cost that reached your wallet.

UK eBay Fee Calculator Terms and Conditions

As it is with other countries, the eBay fee will depend on the item’s price, listing format, categories of items, and any other listing upgrades applied.

  • Listing Fee: On eBay, you receive 1000 free listings each month. It may be increased if you are a shop owner. After the free listing is utilized, you must pay a defined amount for each listing. Even if you choose to relist an item from the previous free listing after you have used the free listing credit, the listing fee will still apply.

  • Final Value Fee: The UK sellers pay 10% of every sale made on the eBay platform. This percentage is calculated on the basis of item price as well as the shipping charges. However, eBay has a cap of £250. This is to ensure that a seller does not have to pay more than £250 for a single item. In case you decide to sell outside eBay and ask for the contact information of the buyer on eBay, you still have to pay the final value fee. Only this time, the final value fee won’t be based on the shipping charges.
  • Top Seller Discount: If you are rated as the top seller by eBay based on the already set standards, you receive 10% discount on the final fee.
  • Listing Upgrades: If you choose to promote your listing or use other listing upgrades, you must pay the charges as applicable.

eBay PayPal Fee Calculator also tells you the fee charged by the PayPal. PayPal charges 3.4% plus £0.20 of the total selling price. The total selling price of the item is an addition of price at which the item was sold and the shipping and handling cost. PayPal also offers micropayments. In case, your item sells for less than £5, you become eligible for micropayments.

Feescalc’s eBay fees calculator meets all the standards to calculate the correct fees and profits. And, we strive to work for making it even better going forward.