How the eBay and PayPal fees Calculator Works?


Selling on eBay has now become a trend for people across borders. Instead of throwing the unused items away, people believe in selling it back to other customers for making some quick cash. However, this does not come for free. You can always use the eBay and PayPal fees calculator to know how much profit you made in each sale. But, knowing how this works is also very important. Hence, I would like to explain the eBay and PayPal fees that you pay when selling an item on eBay portal.

What is the eBay Fee?

eBay charges fee for every item listed on its portal depending on various parameters. eBay has two fixed charges and one optional charge. These charges differ for different seller. eBay charges 35 cents for every listing after the amount of free listing available every month is exhausted. Apart from that, the seller also has to pay 10% of the total cost of selling including the shipping and handling charges.

In case, the seller opts for any upgradation plan, he must pay the listing upgrades fee depending on the plan he chooses.

What is the PayPal Fee?

PayPal and eBay fees are calculated separately. PayPal charges 30 cents on every transaction in addition with the 2.9% of the cost of transaction including shipping and handling cost.

Use of eBay PayPal Fee Calculator

Know the real-time profits made and the amount paid to PayPal with the help of eBay and PayPal fees calculator.   


The Conclusion

While PayPal Fee calculates on simple formula, eBay fees take many parameters into consideration before concluding the final fee. A lot depends on the seller portfolio, if he is a store owner or not. If yes, what kind of store does he uses. There are other measures as well to calculate the eBay fee. Hence, you can always trust eBay PayPal Fee Calculator to make your work easier and simpler.

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