eBay Fees Calculator: How is eBay UK fee calculated?


eBay has different fees criteria for different country. And, the eBay fees calculator works differently for the UK as well. While calculating the eBay UK fee, one must understand the way it works. However, you can always try the eBay fee calculator for fastest results when checking the eBay profit and PayPal fee.

eBay Fees Calculator for the UK

In the UK, the eBay fee for sellers is calculated based on the shop you own. There are various eBay shop options which decides how much free listings you receive every month and how much you pay as the eBay fee. The fees for private seller are also different from the ones owning shops on eBay.

The three shops available with eBay are Basic, Featured and Anchor. With basic shop feature, you receive 250 free listing and 10p per listing after you exhaust the free listing volume. You can subscribe to this shop by paying £90 monthly subscription fee. The subscription fee for Featured and Anchor shops are £245 and £1275 respectively. You receive 1500 free listing with Featured shop and 5p per listing afterwards. However, the listing is completely free with the Anchor shop.

Apart from that, eBay has a way for rewarding its sellers. The feature is known as top rated seller. If a seller is termed as the top rated seller, he receives a 10% discount on the final fee.

There are in total three ratings available with eBay: Top Rated, Above Average and Below Average.

The PayPal fee for eBay users from the UK is 3.4% plus £0.20 of the total selling price. The total selling price also includes shipping and handling charges. In case, your items sell for less than £5, you can check for the micropayments provided by PayPal.

The Conclusion

The eBay fees calculator for UK is the best option if you wish to calculate the profits and PayPal fee without getting into the technicalities.

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