Use eBay Fee Calculator to Reduce eBay Fee?


Are you selling on eBay without a store? Or, is your store choice inappropriate taking in consideration the number of sales you make every month and the overall SKUS? If the answer to both the question is yes, you are losing a lot on eBay. Most of the retailers who are active on eBay do not realize it sooner that they can reduce eBay fee considerably by only choosing the right store type. By accessing the right tools such as eBay fee calculator and right strategies, one can benefit a lot.

Types of eBay Store

There are three eBay stores available.

  • Basic: The annual cost for this store is $19.95. With this store, you get 250 free listings every month. The insertion cost beyond the free listing mark-up is 20 cents per listing. The final value fee ranges between 4% to 9.15% depending on the category of the item you sell.
  • Premium: You get 1000 free listing with 10 cents per listing after exhausting the free listing number every month. The final value ranges from 4% to 9.15%. You pay $59.95 annually to get the premium store.
  • Anchor: Paying $299.95 annually, you receive 10,000 free listings every month. After which, you pay 5 cents for each listing. The final value ranges from 4% to 9.15%.


Reducing eBay Fee

It is easy to understand. If you are making more than 1000 listing every month and you do not have a store or you own a basic store, you are losing by paying more. The opposite is also true. In case, you have around 1000 listing and you have the anchor store, you are paying an unnecessary huge annual fee. So, Use eBay Calculator to check your profits.

Use of eBay Fee Calculator

You can check the real time profits made by eBay profit calculator and decide for better.

The Conclusion

Hence, if you wish to save or reduce your eBay fee, you must choose wisely. Calculate your fee easily with the help of eBay fee calculator and compare how much you are losing by ignoring a store ownership on eBay.

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